Flawed Logic

I was once told that it is considered an affront to God to make anything perfect. Because of this, artists and craftspeople are expected to deliberately add flaws to their work. The idea is that only God is perfect so by trying to make something manmade be perfect the artist is daring to set him or her self up as God’s equal.

Now it seems to me rather laughable that God would ever believe that someone thought themself her equal but, since I’ve got access, I thought I’d get her take on the issue.

She told me that it’s actually rather the opposite. She asked me to look around the world. She asked me if anything I encountered in nature was actually, objectively, perfect.

I had to admit that I couldn’t think of anything.

It turns out that God is rather fond of things that are flawed, so deliberately adding flaws to things actually is trying to be God-like. However, she also reminded me that we were made in her image, so trying to be God-like is just part of our nature, but then, so is being imperfect at it.

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