Today I asked God about a car I saw on the road. There were only two things on the car to distinguish it from one fresh off one of those “we’ll finance anybody” lots. It had an American flag sticker and it had one of those Christian fish plaques.

Now the reason people stick things on the back of their cars is to show their affiliation, to show what tribe it is that they belong to. So I wondered what it was that a fish and a flag said about someone.

The thing that I came up with was that they said the driver was afraid to belong to any group that didn’t have hundreds of millions of members.

Not necessarily so, God told me, it might just be that those were the only groups they felt a part of that they also felt it was safe to publicly declare their allegiance to. Maybe they lived in a neighborhood where cars got egged if they had a Ralph Nader bumper sticker.

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