Something that God pointed out to me the other day was that The Bible, if broken down into its various parts, would end up filed all over the library.

Much like a library, The Bible wasn’t written, it was collected. The various parts, or books, that fill out the various versions of The Bible available in today’s world were written at different times, for different reasons, by different people and selected or rejected by still other people at still other widely varying times.

And some of the books were written as history, some as fiction, some as genealogy, some as morality plays, some as legal treatises and/or collections of laws, some as the science of the day. Yet, for all of that, some religious types run around trying to say that everything in The Bible is the inspired word of God, all of it infallible truth despite being self-contradictory.

So maybe what The Bible needs, in addition to a table of contents and an index, is its own internal Dewey Decimal System. Or, at the very least, a few hints to help the clueless among us separate out the facts from the fantasies.

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