Rock of Ages

Not far from where I’m staying there’s a stretch of freeway in the hills that I drive along, with a sign that caught my eye. These are very rocky hills, strewn with hundreds of boulders and with some peaks that are nothing more than boulders piled high, one atop another. Apparently this was inspirational to a local church, leading them to call themselves the Church of Rocky Peak.

I’ve never actually seen the church. I know of it because of that sign proclaiming their existence. Now I’ve seen lots of church signs, but the thing I find interesting about this one is that the hill it’s on top of is littered with five or six fake boulders. They’re not horribly done but they’re not all that good and they’re especially not all that good when compared to the hundreds of examples of the real thing that you can see by hardly even moving your eyes.

So what does God think of Churches faking nature to advertise their existence and then doing it badly? Well, she told me that she used to really like that old poem, the one about “only God can make a tree,” and figured that it applied to rocks too. Then she told me she’d recently been to Disneyland and after looking around there she was willing to concede that people could make rocks too. Just not church people, apparently.

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