Again with the Rocks

A couple of times now I’ve tried to get God to give me an answer on how he feels about a Church using fakeries of his majestic boulders to advertise themselves. My point being that it hardly speaks well of their reverence for him that they make an imitation of his works to promote themselves rather than using an example of the real thing. Call it my belief that imitation is not always the sincerest form of flattery.

Well, today I went at it again and this time I refused to be distracted by any tangents, however enticing they may have been.

Finally, when he saw I was not to be deterred, God actually gave me an answer. In essence what he told me was that so many religions have as part of their core beliefs things about him that somebody faked somewhere in the past, that in the grand scheme of things a few fake rocks really didn’t matter at all.

But even so, he didn’t seem any too happy about it.

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