The Art of Cooking

I had artichokes with dinner last night. I like artichokes a lot, otherwise I wouldn’t go to the trouble to eat them. They’re finger food that’s served hot, so I often feel like I’ve burned myself while working my way through, even though there’s never been any real damage. They’ve got those points on the ends of their leaves, so I’ve often gotten poked while trying to eat them, although again, no lasting damage is done. And finally, it just takes a long time to get through one.

I asked God what was up with artichokes, why did he make something that was at the same time so appealing and so hard to deal with.

He said he had thought it might be nice if once in a while the cook wasn’t the one that had the most work of the meal. I told him I saw the point but wouldn’t it have been nicer if he’d solved that problem by making something that was easier on the cook rather than harder on the diners? He said, yeah, that was why he created microwaves. But weren’t microwave ovens invented by some radar engineer, I asked. Not the ovens, he told me, the microwaves, the things the ovens generate.


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On December 21, 2010 at 6:44 am

That is quite a reply! Man creates the kitchen appliances, but it is God that provides the ability to do so!


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