I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays

So in the last post I explained about how I picked Thursday to be the day I used when not answering people’s query about what is the current time. I explained then that I tried to be logical in my choice of being nonsensical in my answer. As a follow up question God asked me why I chose Thursday out of all the days of the week.

So this is what I explained:

The goal was to answer the question about what time it was with something that would at the same time seem like it was answering the question but not actually be answering it at all. This would hopefully have the effect of causing a moment of cognitive dissonance leaving the person somewhere between amused and flummoxed. That’s why I was using a day in the first place, it was in the right family to seem like it might be that I just heard the question wrong, since it is a unit of time, but it’s enough wrong from what the answer should have been that the questioner would need a moment to try and figure out if they had asked the question wrong and, whether or not they had asked it wrong, how they could rephrase it so as to let me know that the answer I had given was not only not right but not even to the right question.

Now, to achieve all that, I felt the day chosen should have as few other associations as possible. That left out Saturday and Sunday, because they’re famously the weekend for which so many working class heroes live. That left out Monday, because it’s the start of the work week, and Friday, because it’s the end of it. Wednesday was no good because it’s been made into a big deal by being “hump day,” the midpoint of the week. So now I’m left with either Tuesday or Thursday. Since Tuesday is the day that we return to work after the much-loved three day weekends (because Monday is a holiday so much more often than Friday), that tipped the scale in favor of Thursday.

So what time is it? It’s Thursday.

God says she finds it kind of amazing to watch me think.

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