And It’s Rated R

So God and I went out to a movie tonight. This is not a normal thing and certainly wouldn’t work if we were going to a sold out show, since God sits in a seat that technically is not taken.

So why did this happen? Well, I go to a lot of movies but Hollywood puts out so many in a year that there’s always more that I don’t see than that I do. So I have to be at least somewhat discerning. Well, if not actually discerning I do at least have to decide what films to see and what films not to see. Sometimes that just means seeing the only thing at the local theater that I haven’t seen yet, but more often it means picking amongst several things that are playing nearby.

Tonight’s movie was “Superbad.” That’s the title not a critique. In actuality the movie was very good, though it was somewhat painful in how realistic it was at the start. Painful in the empathic sense of watching somebody do something they are absolutely bad at, but knowing that there’s nothing you can do to help.

But anyway, back to the question of why did I see a movie with God. Well, because he asked me to. He said that he knew I wasn’t planning to see the movie and he felt that I should. So we went.

As I said, I liked the movie, I liked it a lot, but when it was all said and done, I wasn’t sure why it was that God thought I should see it. Other than, of course, just wanting me to have a good time.

So we were driving back home after the movie and I asked why that movie.

God told me that he knew I’d want to be able to say I’d just seen a mainstream movie with more visible penises than even most porn films. And, okay, I’ll admit it, he was right.

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