Freedoms Fried

God was ribbing me the other day about my grumpiness on the subject of George W. Bush. We were watching a clip from an old speech, one of the many where Bush was spouting the nonsense that the terrorists “hate us for our freedom.”

God asked me to think about it like I was a poorly trained Freudian analyst.


When someone is irked by the foibles and traits of someone else, as often as not, it’s because they either know or fear that they have that trait themself. Quite often we’ll even ascribe to other people our own failings, because it’s easier to examine it if it’s their problem, not ours. So if we take these tendencies and apply them to the neo-conservatives, we might realize that while it may be absurd to say that the terrorists hate us for our freedoms, maybe it’s not so absurd to say it about the neo-cons.

So taking that as our supposition, if the neo-cons hated us for our freedoms, what would we expect them to do while they were in power?

Take away our freedoms.

What’s been going on since the tragedy of 9/11?

The everyday freedoms of American citizens, and even the citizens of other countries over which the U.S. is able to extend their influence, have been being curtailed, abridged, and attacked at an alarming rate.

I just hope the electorate has caught on and throws the bums out while we’ve still got the freedom to do that.

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