Meet Virginia

One of the widely discussed incentives that are provided to Islamist terrorists to help convince them to blow themselves up for their cause, is that when they get to Heaven, as martyrs, God will give them seventy-two virgins.

God told me that this doesn’t work for the simple reason that it assumes either she is making virgins out of whole cloth with which to populate Heaven, or that women are being brought into Heaven not to experience it for themselves, but rather as chattel for the men in Heaven.

But ignoring that, we then tossed around some ideas of why the Islamists had come up with the number seventy-two. Obviously the number is not the result of some specific formula; it’s not a calculated result, but, rather, an approximation. So what might it be an approximation of? We decided that whoever came up with the number probably figured that the odds of a virgin being any good at sex was about one in seventy-two. So you give a martyr that many and figure they’ve got a pretty good shot at having one that’s worth having.

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