Oh the Horror

So what with Halloween and all, God and I got to talking about horror movies. The thing that comes up over and over again when you talk about horror movies is how many stupid things the people in them do. They split up, instead of sticking together. They go down into the dark cellar when the lights don’t work. They don’t wait until morning to go after the vampires.

Now, of course the obvious answer for all of this is that if they didn’t do these things you wouldn’t have much of a movie, but God had a little more insight for me.

He says that he’s been watching us since before we became humans and through all of that time he’s never seen a person who didn’t do stupid things. So the thing to keep in mind when watching a horror movie is that the people in them are not necessarily stupid, they’re just having a stupid moment.

And if you were in the movie, don’t be so sure you’d be above having a stupid moment of your own.

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