Drive Like You’re Five

So today God and I talked about flowers. Which ones we found pretty, which ones smell good, that kind of thing. It was pretty boring really, so rather than tell you all about it, I thought I’d hijack the blog to offer something that’s either a rant or a public service announcement, or most likely both.

Some of you, not the majority but a noticeable minority, change lanes to the left on the freeway apparently just because you don’t like seeing another car in front of you. Once you get into your new, unobstructed, lane, you don’t speed up. You become the obstruction. You do this without concern for the car in the lane you’re changing to that was moving fast enough that they were about to pass you. You cause them to have to put on their brakes or, if possible, make a rapid switch into another lane.

Cut it out.

Pay some attention to what the cars in the other lanes are doing. Display a modicum of manners. You know, just try to act as well as you’re mother taught you when you were five.

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