Pearls Out of Time

So it’s December seventh. The fifty-sixth anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. It’s the kind of thing that can put a real damper on your Christmas shopping. If you’re prone to dwelling on history, that is.

So what about God? Does he dwell on history? Does he wander from possible universe to possible universe playing out different scenarios like a kid trying to find the best way through a video game?

Well, he didn’t really give me a straight forward answer, but I pieced together a few things out of his ramblings. He doesn’t dwell that much on history as a whole, he figures he gets enough of it going over our ledgers when we die and he has to figure out if we go to Heaven or Hell. And he won’t discuss the notion of other universes or dimensions at all. He says he doesn’t want to give anything away; I think he just wants to keep his options open.

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