Oh Grow Up

So Christmas is almost here. In fact, it will be here before the next time I write, so I just want to take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas from both myself and God. I thought I’d also take this opportunity to give you a little insight that comes not from God but from the children of the world.

Except for a few occasions when the urge to do something different has gotten fairly high, I’ve always worn my hair long as an adult. It’s not that long, just shoulder length but only because that’s as long as it grows. I’d have let it get much longer if it was willing. Now when I was younger my hair was very curly and a deep auburn in color and my beard was much the same only lighter hued. Now it happens, that on quite a few occasions I overheard little kids asking their parents if that was Jesus as they’d point or pointedly look in my direction. I could see the resemblance they were citing, though only on a very superficial level. It was the sort of mistake that a small child could make but not anyone more versed in the menagerie of humanity. I found it amusing but then, I find most things amusing, at least on some level.

I’ve gotten older though. I’ve put on weight. The beautiful curls and ringlets of my youth have given way to hair that is more wavy and a little kinky. The red highlights have dulled and now my hair is a medium brown and the more striking red of the beard has given way to an almost uniform white.

But the kids still notice me. Over the last few years I’ve still caught them whispering and pointing, only now they don’t ask if I’m Jesus, they ask if I’m Santa Claus. Even in the midst of summer when Christmas is one of the furthest things from their minds.

So what’s the insight of these kids? When Jesus gets old and fat he becomes Santa Claus. Personally, I think they’re onto something.

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