The Big Three

The rallying cry of the modern hedonist is “sex and drugs and rock and roll.” The three subjects I was taught to not bring up in polite company are religion, politics and sex. So the common theme is sex.

Now if you think about it that makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. One of the things that makes us alive and not just machines is that we reproduce organically. This is so key that many people have suggested that we exist just because DNA needs us as a way to make more of itself. But, ignoring that, how is it that something so important that it becomes the lead figure in a cultural rallying cry is also something that we shouldn’t talk about?

So I asked God about this? He told me that it’s because we don’t like to be reminded that at the core we’re just animals. Sex is something that we can’t avoid, it’s programmed into us at our deepest levels and when we really get into it we really get in touch with our inner animals. We rut. We grunt. We put all five senses on the case and shut down a lot of our higher order thinking.

And then, if we’re lucky, we completely forget about both politics and religion, for a few minutes anyway.

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