Sexual Strategy

God asked me why it is that I consider myself gay rather than bisexual. After all, I’ve had sex with women and certainly enjoyed it.

What I told him is that it seems more useful of a label. What I’ve told a number of people (a small number) over the years is that since there is an assumption of heterosexuality in human culture, it is always easier to make sexually oriented contact with the opposite sex. Declaring oneself to be gay doesn’t stop that, in fact, if many works of fiction are to be believed, it can even increase attention from the opposite sex. So that suggests that declaring oneself to be gay may be the only way to get same sex potential partners to take you seriously, and since I’m no Adonis, I figure I’ve got to be taken seriously if I want to be taken at all.

So declaring myself to be gay, rather than bi, is the strategic thing to do, and I’ve always believed in living life strategically.

Of course, given my track record, maybe it hasn’t been that good of a strategy after all.

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On January 13, 2008 at 7:02 pm

I have been enjoying your site, very witty, keep on writing


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