Body and Mind

I’ve been thinking about why I consider myself gay rather than bi, since God brought it up last week.

Rather than merely being a strategic decision, to make it clear that I’m seriously interested in men, like I suggested, I think there’s a more solid basis.

It comes down to the difference between romance and sex. This is an area that we don’t talk about much as a society, other than to make snide and false innuendoes that romance is for women and sex is for men. I’m not going to really get into what the difference is between sex and romance except to make the inadequate and far too un-nuanced observation that romance mostly happens in the mind and sex mostly happens in the body.

So I’m bisexual in that I enjoy having sex with both men and women, but I’m gay because I really only feel romantic towards men.

Although, for me, this distinction has largely been like a man in prison discussing where to have lunch. You can discuss all the fine restaurants or notorious dives that you want, but when it comes down to it, you’re going to take what you’re given.

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