Give It a Rest

God was pointing out to me this week that somewhere along the way most Christian nations switched from holding their weekly religious services on Saturday to holding them on Sunday. He tells me that this was actually partly in response to some prompting from him.

How come? Well, the reason apparently has to do with the work week and with praying. If you’ll recall, according to the Biblical myth of creation, God created the universe in seven days and that’s why weeks are seven days long. Or more precisely, God created the universe in six days and then rested for a day. This presupposes that the seven day week that had been around much earlier than the Bible had come out of the same event if not necessarily the same telling.

Anyway, God had developed the habit of working for six days and then resting for one. Being made in his image, we took whatever chances we could to do the same; although you’ll note that not being gods ourselves that we tend to want a little more rest than just one day out of every seven. Now being that the seventh day, the very day that God wanted to rest, was the day that so many religions were pushing for everyone to pray and otherwise clamor for God’s attention, he decided to do a little pushing back and get at least some of us to switch to Sunday.

So the next time you rush off to church on Sunday morning and it seems like you’re not really getting much attention from the big guy, just remember that it’s the Monday of his work week, he’s still getting back into the work mode and maybe even has something of a hangover from “resting” a little too hard on his day off.

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