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When people talk about the “God of Abraham” they’re usually doing it to point out that there’s really a lot in common between the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions. They point this out to try and say, for instance, that these three religions are like the three leaves on a stem of poison oak, separate but still together, still part of the same whole.

This, of course, ignores the many further subdivisions that these religions break down into; for instance, the bickering between Catholics, Protestants, Episcopalians and Baptists, on the Christian leaf; or between Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jewish denominations; or Sunni and Shiite Muslims. When you really start to look at it, there’s not three religions that worship the “God of Abraham” but dozens or hundreds.

So why did their God let this happen? Why did their God let them put conflicting words into his mouth? Why does he let religions offer competing “truths?” Could it be that he just doesn’t care, doesn’t care about religion?

Or could it be that short of actually physically revealing himself to every person on the planet there’d still be plenty of charlatans and con men willing to trade their own made-up relationship with God for a chance to wield power over their fellow humans?

I kept meaning to ask God about all that this week, but somehow he was never around when I thought about it.

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