Flip Ya For It

Quick, think of a number. Now what did you just do? Did you pick a favorite number? A lucky number? Or did you pick one at random? And if you picked one at random, was it really random, or was it the result of your subconscious mind picking a favorite number or a lucky number?

And is that what it’s like in the universe? Is it all really God’s plan or is a lot of it just her flipping a mental coin, rolling a mental die?

She tells me that a lot of people have thought that, over the years. In fact, that’s really the reason why so many religions emphasize prayer. The idea is that if we reach a crossroads and we decide which way to go by flipping a mental coin, that maybe God does something similar. And if we don’t always go with a true random number but many times go with a number that we favor or that we’ve just heard a lot recently, well maybe God will do the same thing. So if you can get your prayer into God’s head just before she decides if today is your day, maybe she’ll unconsciously decide things your way.

I asked her. She says it’s an interesting theory, but don’t count on it.

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