Twelve Points on the Circle

There’s been a lot of talk about how man needs a moral compass, that, without God to guide us and tell us not just to do the right thing but what the right thing is, we’d descend into violent anarchy. I’m of the opinion that we won’t. There’s the whole Secular Humanist movement that provides a good example of how we don’t need an omniscient paternal being to set us straight, it shows that we can figure it out all on our own.

God and I were talking about it and I began to wonder, I mean, if morality without religion is Secular Humanism, than what is religion without morality. Living in the United States I thought I had a pretty good handle on that, it’s Capitalism. I think about all those people that seem to worship the “invisible hand of the market” and it sure looks like a religion to me. How much different is that really, than worshipping an invisible man in the sky? But God set me straight. Religion without morality is Astrology.

I wish it were a better punchline, but sometimes the truth is banal. Actually, I suppose that most of the time the truth is just banal, it’s just that most of the time there’s no reason to point out the things that are so obvious as to be boring. Hm, maybe I should quit digging myself in deeper and just shut up for now.

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