A Little Suffering

A lot of people ask how can a just God, a kind God, even just a God that wants us to follow his rules, allow so much suffering and sadness in the world. It’s a legitimate question, theologically speaking. I’ve talked with God about it a couple of times before and gotten pretty reasonable answers, but I brought it up again.

This time he really put me in my place.

See, the thing is, God doesn’t need me. More generally, there isn’t anyone that God needs. In fact, he could get along just fine without the entire human race. Now don’t get me wrong, he likes having us around; he considers us great entertainment, but that’s about it. So if one of us suffers, well, it isn’t that he’s got it in for that person, it’s just that he doesn’t actually care. Face it, there’s six and a half billion of us; most of us just aren’t that special.

So the next time you’re feeling a little down, don’t wait for God to boost your spirits, figure out how to do it yourself. You’ll probably get quicker results.

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