Turkey Day

The end of the year gets a flourish of big holidays here in the United States with one each in October, November and December. That’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and depending on your perspective, the Solstice, Christmas or Hanukkah.

This coming week is the middle of the three, Thanksgiving, and like all middle children it rarely gets the attention it deserves. It even gets the ignominy of being associated with the turkey. Despite it having been runner-up to be our national bird, the turkey is what we call out when we want to insult something. Only in bowling is getting a turkey considered a good thing, everywhere else getting stuck with a turkey only barely beats getting stuck with a lemon.

So this week if you’re casting around for something to be thankful for, God and I suggest thinking about the turkey. You can be thankful they’re there for us to eat, or you can just be thankful you’re not one of them. Or are you?

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