The Greatest Bargain of All

So here it is, Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year. And even with the economy in the worst shape it’s been in in my lifetime, there’ll be millions of people out there hunting for bargains.

I got to thinking about bargains of other kinds and asked God if she could give some advice for anybody out there looking to get a bargain on their religion. What’s the best deal out there when it comes to asking somebody else to interpret God’s will for you, to get someone to give you comforting words and stern guidance?

She told me that it’s great to find a good deal and all, but that the most important thing is the same as the most important thing about any shopping: it’s not a bargain to get a good price on something that you don’t really need or want anyway. So keep that in mind. If religion seems like a lot of hassle for little gain, if you already know how to be a good person, if you’re happy and you know it, don’t be afraid to try getting along without any religion at all. God will listen to you just as much without it.

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