Laugh While You Can, Monkey Boy is calling it quits. For several years now they’ve made it their goal to put out some of the most offensive humorous shirts available on the web and they’ve done a pretty good job of it. Now you’d think that when an organization with Hell in the name, and with a mission to offend, quits business it would be something that God could be happy about, but you’d be wrong.

When I asked him about it, it sparked something of a general conversation about humor.

God likes us best when we laugh. We lose a little of our self-consciousness and smile and generally just loosen up a little. Laughing is like WD-40 for the soul and most guys will admit that WD-40 is more important than chicken soup. Now what I mostly didn’t like about TshirtHell was that the vast majority of their shirts were classic examples of negative humor. It’s the easiest kind of humor. Just take something that somebody likes and point out how lame it is, whether it is or not; that’s the general pattern of most negative humor. Now sometimes it can be done in a very clever way, and that’s harder to do, but it’s still pretty lame.

And while God agreed with me on that, he said it didn’t matter. Humor is like pizza, even when it’s bad, there’s still something good about it. He’d rather people went around making lame jokes than not joking at all.

And when it comes down to it, I guess that’s why he puts up with me.

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