Good Grief

Well, it’s Good Friday, the day when all good christians celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ “our Lord and saviour”(tm). When you stop and think about it the crucifix is really a rather gruesome symbol, but with just an edge of titillation. You’ve got this great philosopher, beaten, cut, and laid out to die, but also stripped down to near nakedness and hung up for display.

There were certainly some S & M freaks in the early Catholic church.

And where do Christians get off being so virulently anti-gay when they’re so busy parading around a three-quarters naked man as they’re primary symbol of hope? Me thinks they doth protest to much. Or to be a little more explicit, it’s a well known psychological phenomenon for people to deride in others what they suspect in themselves.

Oh well, I guess we all have our crosses to bear.

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