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I’ve been planning a trip abroad. I’ve scheduled my vacation. I’ve purchased non-refundable airline tickets. I’ve gotten tickets to an event in Cambridge, England, and read some chapters on how best to do Disneyland Paris. And on Monday of this week two things happened: my new passport arrived in the mail and I got laid off from work.

Talk about mixed messages. Or maybe the message isn’t mixed, maybe the universe is trying to tell me to get out of the U.S. and don’t look back.

Now, unlike most people, I talk with God on a pretty much daily basis, so if the “universe” is trying to send me messages, well, it’s got a pretty direct line to use. So I took advantage of that. I waited for a lull in conversation with the Big Man and asked him point blank if this juxtaposition was just random chance or was there a message I was supposed to read between the lines?

He equivocated. He does that a lot and it’s probably the most annoying thing about our relationship. So here’s my take away from this week’s activity: I’ve got direct access to God and can’t get straight answers to simple questions, so for those of you that don’t have this access, if you’re expecting to read God’s answer to you in some subtle sign that comes at you in your daily life, you might want to stop waiting and come up with your own answer.

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