Being humans, we like to humanize things. But also, being humans, we recognize that we have limits both in what we can do to humanize things and in what we’ll accept as humanizing.

The thing that I think exemplifies this best is mascots. Corporations have them, sports teams have them, even individual products sometimes have them. A mascot is usually an anthropomorphized animal but is sometimes just a made-up little thing that is neither human nor animal but is none-the-less made to seem alive, and is supposed to make you feel better about whatever the mascot is fronting for. It occurred to me that in some ways were like mascots to God. We’re made in his image, but only as much as the limitations of the universe allow, but I’m not really sure who or what we’re supposed to be fronting. Maybe the universe. Maybe our job is to make God feel better about the universe so he doesn’t just scrap the whole thing and go do something else?

So then what’s our job, what exactly is it that a mascot does? As near as I can tell, what mascots do is wear some kind of silly outfit and run around making fools of themselves.

I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job.

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