Routine Notice

We all fall into routines. We can’t help it, we’re wired for it. The big thing that starts it all going is the need to eat. If we push it we can get by with eating only once a day; I’m not saying that it’s good for us but just pointing it out as a fact. We need to eat pretty much every day and usually more than once a day. So we get into a routine. We split the day up by breakfast, lunch and dinner. We do it almost without thinking.

And that’s both what’s right about it and what’s wrong about it. It’s right because, well, why should we waste much time thinking about something that we do all the time and that doesn’t vary all that much. So then we begin to extend this to everything we do in life and, if we’re not careful, pretty soon our whole life is just a series of interconnected routines.

I went on vacation recently. Vacation is a great concept. Once a year we do something to completely break our routines. We go off somewhere and look fresh at everything. Of course, the fact that we do this (generally) once a year is a routine in and of itself, but we can let that slide, that routine nature of breaking our routines.

God tells me that he likes to break out of his routines too, but when God slips out of the routine it can be a little dramatic. Supernovas? Consider that God deciding to skip instead of walk for a few steps. The extinction of the dinosaurs? Maybe God was just feeling a little bored. So, now that I think about it, maybe the right advice is to go ahead and break out of your routines every once in a while, but it might be a good idea to take the time to make sure that anybody that depends on your routines gets a little advance notice.

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