Take Two

Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglorious Basterds opens today. At the risk of spoiling it, at least to some extent, I’ll mention that it’s somewhat of an “alternate history” film. That is, that while it is based on events that actually, historically, happened, it does deviate from pure history in at least one rather notable way.

It’s an interesting genre, alternate history. One built around trying to imagine how the world of today would have developed differently if some facet of history had not happened just as we know it did. By that definition Inglorious Basterds really isn’t Alternate History, but that’s kind of quibbling, so I won’t push the distinction too far.

I asked God if she’d ever played the alternate history game, ever imagined our universe but as it would have played out if she had made the rules a little different or changed something that we consider important. She told me that she’d once worked on creating our universe where she didn’t exist. She ended up dropping the project though, because it turns out that if God doesn’t exist, our world isn’t any different than it already is.

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