Secular Greetings

So here it is, Christmas Day. We’ve made it past Hanukah, rounded the curve of the solstice and are gearing up for New Year’s. Happy holidays indeed.

For those that celebrate.

And that should be you. Not because some mythical messiah needed to have a birthday party that isn’t actually on the day he was born. Not because the oil lasted longer than expected. Not even because it’s about time the days started getting longer. You should celebrate just because you can. It’s an excuse for a party and that’s reason enough. Don’t celebrate Christmas just because you’re Christian and don’t give up on Christmas just because you’re not.

Holidays aren’t just for the holy anymore. Take a look at that word, “holiday,” it was originally two words “Holy Day,” and was used strictly for religious observances, but that strict meaning was abandoned long, long, ago. And believe me, God thinks that’s a good idea. She knows life is hard. She says that anything that allows us to promote peace on Earth and goodwill towards men while keeping a straight face shouldn’t be kept in reserve for the religious nuts, it should be spread as far and wide as possible. So as far as the “war on Christmas” is about secularizing the holiday rather than getting rid of it, she thinks its a good idea.

Someday we’ll have to teach people that Christmas was once a religious thing, the same way we now have to point out the roots of the word “holiday.” I’ve been considering Christmas to belong to everyone for a long time now. I don’t think I’m fighting reality here, I just think I’m ahead of the curve.

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