Don’t Stop Believing

Anyone that’s spent much time dealing with kids knows that they don’t always do what they’re told. They misbehave. They get in trouble, they get punished, and life goes on.

That, according to God, is basically what happened with Adam and Eve. The story famously tells how Eve decided to break the rules and eat an apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but, like so many kids since, she didn’t want to break the rules alone, so she convinced Adam to join her. That’s another thing that’s common with kids, they often end up getting punished together, and that’s no accident. As the saying goes, misery loves company. And what misery wants, misery gets.

But what about that “life goes on” part of things? I asked God if it wasn’t a little harsh that we’re all still paying today for Adam and Eve’s disobedience. She looked at me and sighed. She told me that was one of the things that the Bible got wrong; being kicked out of The Garden of Eden wasn’t their punishment, mostly they just got a scolding and sent to bed without supper.

So then what happened? Why don’t we get to visit The Garden today? God reminded me of what they did to get in trouble. They ate from The Tree of Knowledge. They learned the difference between good and evil. God told me that actually they never left the garden, they just stopped believing in it.

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