Memory Riffs

Like most of the people I know I saw Inception this week. It’s the latest bit of art that riffs of the age old idea that was perhaps best summed up by Edgar Allen Poe’s immortal line, “Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?”

So this got God and me talking about dreams and daydreams and memories. When you or I get nostalgic we spend some time thinking about the past. When God gets nostalgic, people start getting together to run Renaissance Fairs and Civil War reenactments. This tends to remind me that there’s not just a quantitative difference between God’s mind and ours but most definitely a qualitative one as well.

So you know how sometimes you get a song stuck in your head and it just keeps playing itself on a loop? Well God told me that’s kind of what’s been going on with the Middle East for the last couple of thousand years. They keep fighting because he can’t get their song out of his head.

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