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I’ve spent the last couple of days packing. Since starting this blog I’ve moved about as many times as in the rest of my life put together. The rational part of my mind says this is a natural outgrowth of having reached the point in my career where just any job won’t do. The less rational part of my mind says that when you start talking to God, you’re just naturally going to have to start moving around more; to believe you’re talking to God is crazy, and crazy just doesn’t tend to stability.

Craziness aside, I’m making an effort this time to sort of downsize. I’m getting a place that’s smaller than either of the houses I’ve owned, and fully expect to start getting rid of much stuff as part of the unpacking process. Partly this is in reaction to something that God pointed out to me. He told me that the so-called McMansions are the natural outgrowth of American Consumerism. The American Dream has always been to own our own homes, largely for the independence and stability that they represent, but in times past a modest house was enough.

So why does our culture of consumerism lead to larger and larger houses, beyond just the need to show a bigger “score” in the game of life? It’s pretty straightforward, once we’ve bought all the stuff they keep selling us, we need a place big enough to hold it all.

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