Eat, Eat

Today God told me that I should think of the fall and winter holidays like a very long meal. I’m not sure I see any value in looking at things this way, but after some back and forth I was able to at least see the metaphor she was making.

In this meal Halloween is the appetizer. This may be the weakest part of the analogy, since Halloween is all about the candy, and candy it would seem should be dessert, but the thing to note is not what the candy is made of but how it is presented. Halloween is where the “fun size” candy bars made their debut and the “fun size” is definitely appetizer proportions.

Next we move on to Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving is most assuredly the main course. Sure Christmas is a bigger holiday, but when it comes to food, nothing is bigger than Turkey Day. Christmas then gets to come in as dessert, with its candy canes and fruitcakes and plum puddings it’s a veritable gingerbread house full of confections.

Finally New Year’s comes along and gives us a nice after dinner drink.

Again, there doesn’t seem to be any real point to this analogy, but I like it even without one. So Happy Halloween and Bon App├ętit.

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