Proposition 19

So last week I did a lot of complaining about the mid-term elections and got left alone for my troubles. This week God came back and while I had calmed down considerably, I wasn’t done.

The thing that still keeps me going is that the California voters had the chance to legitimize the state’s biggest cash crop by legalizing marijuana and they let it go. God’s actually on my side on this one, after all if she’d been against marijuana she could have gotten rid of it anytime, instead she lets it grow like a weed.

“Why?” I asked her. What possible reason could the public have at this point to keep the use of pot illegal other than that old puritan fear that someone somewhere might be having some fun? Sure I’d read the arguments that this proposition was just the wrong way to go about it, since it could lead to a thousand differing ways to regulate what is just a simple plant. Really though, such issues would get ironed out and we’d be a lot better off the sooner we can got rid of the organized crime that prohibition always brings about.

Finally God presented an argument I could buy. She pointed out how health conscious Californians are as a group. Then she pointed out that despite that, Californians on average were just about as overweight as the rest of the country, on average. We did that while the prohibition on weed has been in full swing. Now imagine where we’d be if we legalized pot and everybody got the munchies. That’s what the voters were afraid of.

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