Mr. Snowman

If you listen to enough Christmas music you’ll notice that “we’ll have lots of fun with Mr. Snowman” either until “the other kiddies come around,” or until “the other kiddies knock him down.”

To be fair most versions are firmly in the “other kiddies knock him down” camp, but that’s certainly the less positive of the two lyrics. When the line says “the other kiddies come around” it’s still possible that the fun stops because the other kiddies knocked him down, but it’s also possible that they just came up with new games that didn’t involve Mr. Snowman; it’s even possible that the original kids stopped playing with Mr. Snowman because they wanted their magical friend to be just their little secret, to keep him to themselves.

I tried to get God to tell me what the different lyrics said about the singers and the meanings they were trying to convey, but she just told me that it was only a song, that I should stop overanalyzing it and have another candy cane. And, well, I do like peppermint. I wonder if they stopped playing with Mr. Snowman because he made a threatening move and one of them used pepper spray on him? And could you come out with a seasonal self-defense spray and call it Pepper/Mint Spray?

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