Divine Christmastime

Well, it’s almost here, today is Christmas Eve, tonight Santa serves up his stockings full of goodies all over the world. At nearly the same time, millions of Catholics attend midnight mass, catching their church’s show the same way that science fiction fans throng to midnight premieres of their most anticipated movies.

These days the Catholic Church is not enjoying the same respect it’s used to, a small percentage of Catholic priests have managed to taint the whole institution with the image of pedophilic predation. It’s appalling how widespread, how pervasive the practice managed to be without actually being a deliberate goal of the organization.

But why do I bring this up now? Why at Christmastime? Well, God and I were listening to some Christmas carols and he highlighted some of the lyrics for me. Take a look at this excerpt from “O Holy Night” and you can wonder along with me at just how far back this whole Priest/Boy love thing might go:

“Fall on your knees!
“Oh, hear the angel voices!
“O night divine.”

Certainly not a smoking gun, but mighty suspicious when looked at in hindsight. Anyway, Merry Christmas, and know that I’ll be hoping that someone falls on their knees for you this year.

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