Time to Think

There are times when our intuition gets ahead of our cognition. I say that as someone who very highly values cognition. In fact, anyone who’s had more than a few conversations with me may be prone to say that I value it too much. I make demands on the people I talk to. I make them define their terms. I call them on it when they use the wrong word. I correct people’s grammar; to the point where I’ve often been accused of correcting every little mistake, which hurts because I know how very many mistakes I note but let go by unremarked upon.

But for all of that, I know that for most people there’s an awful lot, probably even a majority, of their thought processes that do not happen at the cognitive level. The subconscious mind is a powerful and tireless worker. I’m fairly certain the main reason we need sleep and not just rest is because the subconscious has so much to do that sometimes, maybe even the better part of a third of the time, it needs to take over, it needs to have full command of our over-sized brains, needs to put all of that marvelous gray-matter to the tasks that it deems important, in the meantime letting our petty foibles and concerns be damned. Sometimes the subconscious doesn’t have time to put all its toys away when it gets done, sometimes we get a glimpse of the things that it’s filing away or pulling out for another look. We call those glimpses “dreams.”

I tried talking to God about this, but she told me to give it a rest. I’ve kept pushing; I bring it up every now and again, but she always pushes back. One time I did get her to admit that dreams are a sore point with her. It seems she used to use people’s dreams as a way to talk to them without having to go all corporeal, but apparently these conversations just got mixed up with all the sick things that were going on in some of the dreams and this led to a lot of the Old Testament, things that people are still fixating on even after she managed to get all that peace and love stuff into the New Testament and told them that that was the important stuff. But let’s face it, even Hollywood has figured out that the majority of us pay a lot more attention to things that hurt than to things that are nice. Still, I keep holding out hope for us. And so does God.

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