Selling Apps by Cabbage Heads

This week Apple Computer is both my hero and my enemy. They removed from their store an application from Exodus, the church group who, against all modern rational thought, pursues their bigoted agenda of “curing” people of their homosexuality.

I abhor this action, because I find censorship deplorable. I do consider this censorship even though it is not a government action because Apple has a captive audience and has declared that even though their users own general purpose computing devices, only the general purposes that Apple approves of will be allowed to run on those devices. However, since Apple has declared themselves the arbiters of iOS applications, has set themselves forward as the gatekeepers of decency, disallowing applications on moral as well as other grounds, then I applaud them for having the guts to stand up to Exodus, to tell these “holier-than-thou” hooligans that their brand of bigotry, masked though it is in the sheep’s clothing of “helping” those who wish to overcome their innate nature, is not acceptable, is not moral, and will not be sold in Apple’s store.

I mean, I’d much rather see hateful intolerance and persecution, which is what Exodus is, be banned than simple pornography, but if Apple is going to ban the porn, than I’m glad they’re also banning the bigots.

So the world is made both a little worse and a little better. Another week passes by.

I asked God if I should pray for the Exodus members, if I should ask her to help them to see the light, but she told me not to bother. She said that anyone who could base so much of their world view on such a selective reading of the ramblings of some old priests and prophets who were mostly worried about keeping their “flock” in line so that they wouldn’t have to actually work for a living, well, anyone that could close their mind that much to rational thought was not likely to have it pried open with anything short of the prayer equivalent of a nuclear missile. She told me it was probably best for me to just ignore them. After all, that’s what she does.

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