Dial Atone

I’m tired. I’ve had a weird sleep schedule this week (but have a new gadget to show for it). I’ve had a cold that at it’s worst was as bad a cold as I think I’ve ever had. All in all I’m just not feeling very inspired to talk to you about the human condition. So I asked God if she had anything to say, anything she’d like me to put out there this week.

So here’s more or less what she told me to tell you:

If you work for a major United States telephone company, and are in any sort of position to set policy, you are in serious danger of spending eternity in Hell. LIke Scrooge on Christmas Eve, you likely still have time to mend your ways, to stop destroying all that’s good in the world, but time is short and of the essence. You need to become like a reformed robber baron and start trying to make up for the horrendous ill you have caused in the world. You may not get there but you must try. Now go forth and sin no more.

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