What’s So Good About It?

Well, here it is Good Friday, the day Christians celebrate the death of their God. Or is that “Good” meant ironically? Actually, these days, I’m pretty sure most Christians wouldn’t recognize irony if it sat down in their lap and gave them a big, wet, same-sex, kiss.

It’s “good” in that it makes Easter possible. Christ couldn’t rise from death if he didn’t die first and if he’d lived to a ripe old age, well, nobody would really celebrate his rising from the dead, then. I mean, imagine the smell! Old guy and dead guy, toss in some pre-modern embalming and I guess you could call it “old spice” or something.

But here’s what I get to celebrate on Easter: ham. On Easter I get to eat ham. Not cold-cut ham, but big old, bone-in, baked in the oven, coated with a honey-infused crust and cut into slabs, ham. Well, these days the slabs are kind of thin because of spiral cutting, and I miss the pineapple that used to be baked along with the ham when I was a kid, but still, ham! It’s one of my favorite meats, but I suppose you guessed that by now. Anyway, ham alone is a good enough reason to celebrate that we’re not all orthodox Jews these days, and if it took a few martyrs being tossed to the lions to get here, well, so be it.

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