You Dog You

So Osama bin Laden was killed at the beginning of this week. I try not to think too much about our so-called “war on terrorism” but this seemed like to big an event to let go by without at least mentioning it to God.

I brought it up kind of casually. I know that God doesn’t like to spend too much time these days on the details of the internal squabbles of the human race, and I can’t really blame him. He complains that if he so much as glances at one side or the other, they go all nuts talking about how their side is the chosen one and they can’t lose and all sorts of other nonsense. I pointed out to him that they do that even if he doesn’t glance at them, but he just told me that he still finds it better to just not look.

So I asked him about this latest high-profile death. He told me a sort of parable. He told me that when a dog goes mad and starts biting people it gets put down. When that happens everyone is pretty pleased to see it done except the kids that grew up with the dog, the ones that loved it and were loved in return. Those kids may understand, they may know that the dog needed to be killed, but that doesn’t make them happy about it.

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