Time Zone

One of those things that everyone learns as they get older is that time seems to keep getting shorter. When we were kids it took forever for Christmas to finally get here and now that were grown the years flip by like pages flying off the calendar in some old movie.

When I was younger I had time to get all sorts of things done. Of course, when I was younger I was also usually late to bed, needed an alarm to get up, and had a hard time getting into work on time. I claim that these facts are irrelevant but God keeps telling me they’re not. I tried making my case but she didn’t have time to listen.

After she was gone, I got to wondering how time must seem to her. I mean she’s been around for even longer than the universe, so time must seem like it’s going really, really fast to her. That just got me to wondering then, if the universe is “everything” and God created the universe, then she had to be around before everything, which means she’s not part of “everything,” but then that means that “everything” isn’t “everything.” It’s sort of an anti-tautology and it makes my brain hurt. I guess that’s why I’m not a priest or a preacher or anything, figuring out this supernatural stuff is hard.

Maybe I could figure it out if I had enough time, but as I already mentioned, there just isn’t enough time.

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