It’s All Happening

Too much good stuff. You’ve probably never seen the movie “Brainstorm,” so let me tell you about a bit in it. The premise of the movie is that some scientists develop a way to record the actual experience that someone has in their brain when they, well, experience something. As with all new technologies, someone immediately decides to harness this for pornography and proceeds to record himself having sex. One of the guys on the project then gets ahold of the recording, goes off into a room by himself and splices just the orgasm into a loop. Which he plays. When they find him the next morning and pull the playback headset off of him, he just lays there and twitches. Even days later he has a tendency to blank out, twitch a little, and grin.

That may be the ultimate example of “too much” good stuff.

This week I find myself almost ready to just lay down and twitch a little.

There’s a new operating system (Lion) for my Mac. Spotify, a music streaming service that is highly regarded in Europe, just came out here in the U.S. but I’m not getting to spend much time with it because my music exploration is being taken up by Apple’s iTunes Festival on my iPad. My RSS feeds are overflowing which is making it hard to find time to keep reading the novel I’m in the middle of. I got out to theaters to catch the final movie in the Harry Potter series, which was better than I’d hoped and nearly as good as I’d’ve liked. And I’m trying to find time in my schedule to see the Billy Elliot stage musical while it’s here. All while I’ve just given up three weekends to a film festival and a science fiction convention. There’s more but those are the highlights.

It’s times like this when I really envy God. He actually does have all the time in the world to enjoy things. He actually can listen to or watch everything that is worthwhile. Me, I barely have time for whatever’s shiniest at the moment, and right now, I’m feeling a little dazzled.

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