And Breathe

God works in devious ways.

This is to be expected from the being that created irony, although I have it on good authority that that wasn’t what he was trying to create at the time.

The recent example that I came across is cigarette smoking. Inhaling the fumes of burning tobacco is one of the unhealthier things you can do. In order to help incentivize people to treat themselves better, our legislators have been passing laws to make it more and more difficult to casually engage in smoking. I’ve been noticing all around me lately, one of the current outcomes of this legislative nannying. Smokers are gathering together in the outdoor areas that are among the few places left they can freely smoke. Outside the office buildings in downtown San Francisco they cluster together to smoke and to talk.

And breathe the fresh air.

So the smokers are out breathing in the fresh air and I’m spending most of my day sitting in the office. Somehow smoking starts to come across as the healthier choice.

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