The Cheese Rebellion

One of the cool things about the modern age is we often get the chance to sample foreign foods without the expense and trouble of having to actually travel. Don’t get me wrong, I like to travel, but it is work and it is expensive.

An example of this is that right now in my refrigerator is some cheddar that was made in Wales. Now I live in California and we have some pretty good home-grown cheddar right here. In fact having now tried the Welsh cheddar and compared it to a more-or-less equally aged hunk of a more local origin, I’d say that neither one has an edge over the other. But the point isn’t that the cheese from over the pond is either better or worse, it’s that I got to find out for just the cost of the cheese.

Similarly, around St. Patrick’s Day every year I also get the chance to try cheese and butter and other things that come all the way from Ireland. It’s a bit of seasonal fun.

It got me to wondering though, do they do the reverse? Do the Irish sample turkey from California when Thanksgiving rolls around? Do the English compare our cheddar to theirs on the Fourth of July? And when I asked that, God just sort of looked at me and asked if I really thought the English wanted to do anything celebratory in remembrance of our revolting against them?

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