A Bite Out of the Apple

My iPad keeps me from going crazy on my daily commute by train. iTunes allows me to slice and dice my extensive music collection in a way that a wall full of CDs never did. Every post to Unscriptured has been written on an Apple device that had gone through the gauntlet to receive a stamp of approval from Steve Jobs.

And now he’s gone.

The real impact of that can never be known. Apple doubtless has products in the pipeline upon which Steve had direct impact. After those are released? Well, it’s a question of how well he picked his lieutenants, how well he trained them, and whether or not what he had is even possible to pass on to other people. If future Apple products suck, well, maybe they would have even with Jobs at the helm. After all, look at the Apple TV. But if they don’t suck? Well, that will be at least in part because of Steve.

Rest in Peace.

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