Buddy, Can You Spare a Loophole?

Here in the U.S. income taxes are at the lowest rate they’ve been in something like half a century. Because of that and because of a series of disastrous relaxings and removals of regulations that were put in place after hard won economic lessons, our federal budget deficit is at an all-time high, and the ability of the government to take care of the people is in serious jeopardy.

Yet the Republicans keep insisting that we must not increase revenue.

The Democrats keep offering to cut some of the programs that they fought hard to get in place. They put forward plans that reduce spending by several times the amount of revenue increases that they ask for. They sell short their current constituencies in a desperate attempt to keep the government alive without putting in hock the next several generations.

But the Republicans won’t have it.

I asked God, point blank, what was going on. He put it in terms that I could understand. Roughly, Republicans are the party “of the poor and for the rich.” They’ve managed to all but eliminate the middle class while transferring all the wealth to the rich. Quite simply, the Republicans are now adamantly opposed to any tax increase because they know the only ones that can still afford them are the rich, and the rich, well that’s their minority, the one that they’re there to protect.

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On November 18, 2011 at 7:21 pm

It is totally silly that the government is owned by the 1% but in a serious light I can see that the modern political/economic challenge is being able to identify what components of our economy require change. On the top of that list I see taxation as an obsolete form of revenue that is presently hopelessly in a position of self defeat or at least extremely defective as to render it obsolete. In evaluating and diagnosing the economy one must resist to restrict ones options to those politically practical today and instead focus on the true nature of the economy’s troubles. I do not beleive that human players actually are causing to render the economy in such trouble as today. We may have crooks and madmen in our mists but their role in the economic uncertainties of the 2011 are insignificant in my view. The problem lies in revenue and fiscal restrictions associated with taxation revenue. Government’s responsibilities are much much greater than what can be generated with taxation revenue that it has rendered taxation revenue incapable of facilitating the exercise of government’s responsibilities. In other words, taxation revenue obviously fails to deliver a viable government. So some interests in their blind response would claim that government does not work and that we cannot afford government that can supervise humanity rationally. Government is no doubt an indespensable creation and developement of humanity. We will surely fail in our efforts of carry on our human civilization without the existence of government. The 1% cannot supervise humanity as proven by our history of our monarchy revolutions. Therefore government must exercise its authority to democratically and constitutionally mandate fiscally unlimited revenue to the purpose of supervising humanity for the exercise of mans right to exist on Earth. God is my witness.


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