Elections? Again?

Well, here it is. Another year. 2012. And just like every other year it seems, it’s an election year here in the U.S.

Of course just because the election happens this year doesn’t mean that we haven’t already been in the throes of electioneering; we’ve had plenty of run up as one Republican hopeful after another has tried to push Mitt Romney out of the race.

God doesn’t like me to spend too much time worrying about, or talking about, our elections. After all, he points out, with the de facto two party system that our system unofficially forces it’s not like there’s much to choose between. The choices currently are bad and worse.

Speaking of “worse,” when I’m able to detach myself enough from the reality of it, it’s actually kind of fun to watch the Republican nominating race. The Republicans currently have a system of fielding two kinds of candidates: The insane. And those not actually insane but who know that they can’t get the nomination without somehow appealing to the significant faction of Republican voters that are. Yeah, the inmates may not be running the Republican Party, but the people that are running it know that they do so only by the suffrage of the inmates.

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